Movie: Skeez and Finn’s Excellent Adventure


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. As part of Stroller Week on The Cat’s Meow, I’m hangin’ with my stroller buddies. And recently, I went strolling with my best frend, Finn, hoo livs neer me.

Finn is a pritty famous cat. A few months ago, he entered The Cat’s Meow Foto Contest and won a foto session with sellebrity cat fotograffer Mark Rogers. He’s an exsellent model, and I’m shur he has a grate career ahed of him. He’s also a member of the Super Strollers Group on Catster.

We made a moovey of the stroll, and my Food Lady asked Finn’s mom questions about strolling. Here’s our excellent strolling advencher:

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You’ll notice that I’m strolling in “convertible” mode with the top down. I’ve got a harness and leesh on, and I’m tide in. Many strollers have bilt-in leeshes. I don’t recummend going with the top down in busy, lowd areas, or places ware thare are a lot of dogs. It’s sumthing only intermeediate and advanced strolling cats shood try.

Skeezix: Hey Finn, that was a grate stroll! I reely loved it win yoo cawt some air!
I had a great time, too! I know it didn’t sound like it when I spitted at you but I wanted you to hear my mancat hiss and growl – nothing purrsonal, you understand.

Skeezix: It was a good growl… vary manly.

Skeezix: So, Finn, whut model is yer stroller?
I have the Dura-Ruff Ultralite Cat Stroller from Drs. Foster and Smith, and its on sale right now for $69.99 (freight charge is extra). I love it. Its just the right size for me, it’s really fast, it has a handy carrying basket underneath for snacks for mom and me, it fits in the back of the car without having to fold it up, and its orange, which is good with my coloring. 4 paws up for this cool ride. Mom says it’s light weight and fits in her car and didn’t cost too much so we both love it. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Skeezix: How long do you stroll?
I stroll for as long as mom wants to push the stroller. I do get a bit restless after an hour – I have very long legs and I like to stretch them out in a fast run which I can’t do while I’m in my stroller so we usually just stay out for an hour at a time.

Skeezix: What do yoo like most about strolling?
I love to sniff the air and I really love to watch the birds. I’m an indoor only kitty so this is my chance to get out and meet the neighbors and WATCH THE BIRDS – I WANT A BIRD!

Skeezix: Anything you don’t like about strolling?
I can’t say there’s anything I dislike about strolling – sometimes we go in the car to a new neighborhood and I’m not that crazy about the car ride but I tough it out because I know we are going to have some fun once I get into my stroller.

Skeezix: Ever seen any other pets in strollers on yer strolls?
Nope, I’ve never seen another animal in a stroller until I looked over from my stroller and saw you in your stroller -what a shock! I had no idea you were right there next to me. I may have reacted rudely when I saw you – hissing and growling – but I was just nervous being in the presence of the great Skeezix.

Skeezix: Oh, Finn, yer too much! Have you ever seen any wild creechers on yer strolls?
Do dogs count? As you know, when we were out strolling together we saw a vicious deer – wow, that was really something!

Skeezix: Good thing I wasn’t waring any underpants when I saw that vishus deer, cuz I wood have wet them! Do you have any strolling buddies?
You are my first strolling buddy. Once, when we had a double stroller, I had to share with Jackson and that didn’t work out at all – he wanted to sit in the front and I couldn’t see a thing! I can’t really say that Jackson and I were strolling buddies.

Skeezix: Win the wether is bad and you can’t strole, whut do you do? Do you bug yer mom to take you strolling anyway?
My stroller is parked in the front hall so whenever mom heads toward the door I run and jump into my stroller to let her know I’m ready to go – sometimes she goes out the door without me which I think is some kind of animal cruelty – I won’t turn her in for this but it really makes me sad. When the weather is bad we don’t go strolling but I make her thrown stuff for me to fetch and bring back so she can throw it again – and then I take a nap.

Skeezix: Naps are good! We’ll have to stroll together agin reel soon; I had a blast!
The pleasure was all mine, Skeez’. I promise I won’t hiss at you next time.

Finn’s Dura-Ruff Ultralite Cat Stroller is currently on sale for $69.99 (shipping not included) at Drs. Foster and Smith.

[Header photo courtesy of Mark Rogers Photography]

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