Our 5 Fave DIY Fashion Projects for Out-and-Proud Cat Ladies


A wise man once told me, “Cat fashion ain’t cheap.” Okay, maybe those weren’t his exact words, but he was right. It’s been getting easier to find cute and affordable feline fashions now that the look has gone mainstream, but some of coolest designer pieces can still run you hundreds of dollars.

But why wear something anyone can buy when you can make your own version? Not only will you save cash, but it’s an awesome excuse to get your kitty craft on and end up with a truly one-of-a-kind result.

Below, you’ll find five of my favorite DIY cat fashion projects. There’s a chic cat sweatshirt, a purse, tights, flats, and nail decals.

1. DIY cat toe shoes

Recently, Daria from Kittenhood (“A fashion blog with a decent dose of cats”), featured a guest post by Kate of Scathingly Brilliant for some of the cutest do-it-yourself cat shoes I’ve ever seen! A few weeks ago I wrote a post about My 5 Favorite Cat-Inspired Flats Right Now, and if I were re-writing it today, these definitely would have made the list.

Kate transformed a boring pair of flats into some truly brilliant feline footwear using little more than black paint, brushes, and tape. Click here to read the full step-by-step tutorial, which you can complete in 15 minutes or less!

2. DIY cat sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are the best when it comes to bumming around in cold weather, and I basically live in a Forever 21 Garfield sweatshirt when I’m hanging around my apartment. If you have some old, plain shirts or tees taking up space in your drawers, Chloe from Refinery29 has a great idea to jazz them up with a super chic jewel studded cat design.

Using a marker, embroidery floss, rhinestones, and some glue, Chloe demonstrates how to easily and inexpensively turn a grey sweatshirt into a cat top that rivals any pricey cat sweater currently on the market. There’s a ton of cool possibilities for this look, and I’m thinking of recreating my own kitties on a black shirt with white thread! Watch the DIY video for all the details here.

3. DIY cat clutch

Out of any kind of cat fashion I own, I find that I get the most compliments when I rock a cat bag. My Jason Wu black cat tote is a particular favorite, as it leads to a deluge of “Where did you get that?” comments, which inevitably leads to black cat stories being exchanged in earnest.

This eye-catching cat clutch is from a guest post on Scathingly Brilliant, and was created by Casey of Noir Girl. It requires a little more skill than the other projects featured, and you’ll need fabric, snaps, and a sewing machine to start. Sewing is not exactly my forte, but I can also see using some of Casey’s decorative techniques to cattify a pre-made purse. Click here for the full post, including a PDF pattern and instruction sheet.

4. DIY cat tights

I’ve seen some really cute cat tights around lately in the $30 to $40 dollar range, which is a high price to pay for something that can be ripped to shreds at a moments notice by busy kitty claws. Fortunately for us, Kara from Sprinkles in Springs came up with this money-saving DIY project that only requires some sheer tights and fabric paint!

These super adorable stockings can be paired with simple dresses, skirts, shorts — heck, any outfit that could use a cat as a finishing touch. Click here for directions and to download the free template for yourself.

5. DIY cat nail decals

I know I can’t be the only one who drools over cat nail art on Pinterest, forlorn over the fact that I don’t have the artistic skills necessary to carry out some of the coolest designs. (Full disclosure: I have a board solely dedicated to dozens of feline-inspired fingertips.)

Enter Rachel from Transient Expression, who was inspired to come up with her own do-it-yourself nail decals after checking out this cool design on Refinery29. The secret behind the realistic nail stickers is printable rub-on transfer paper, which you can use to print out any design of your choice. To keep things simple, Rachel provides an adorable template you can download here, but the possibilities are endless.

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