11-Year-Old Invents New Cat Bath System


Sixth grader Sarah Goedken has a standing invitation to visit my home anytime she likes.

As the resident kitty care giver in her home, Goedken is faced with giving her cats frequent baths to control their dandruff. She’s learned first-hand exactly how much cats hate water.

So this enterprising 11-year-old from Harlan, Iowa invented “The Fat Cat Kitty Bath,” a contraption she displayed this weekend at the annual Invent Iowa State Invention Convention in Iowa City. Invent Iowa is sponsored by the University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center, which identifies and fosters the learning of talented and gifted students, as well as the colleges of engineering at UI and Iowa State.

Sarah Goedken conceived of a way to keep her cats from bolting every time she drew them a bath.

Her solution was a storage tub with two holes cut in one side, through which the pet groomer slides her hands into the pair of heavy-duty work gloves that are attached on the interior — much like a scientist who is working with radioactive material.

THere’s a mat atop the tub with holes to pour in bathwater and a spigot is affixed to the bottom of the tub to let the water out after the cat is scrubbed.

The judges, who included engineers, teachers and industry workers, walked from invention to invention and talked with the students, with the top 10 percent winning $50 savings bonds.

After the judges assessed her cat bath, Sarah was happy with what they had to say.

“They thought it was pretty clever,” she said.

No word on when the Fat Kitty Cat Bath will be on the market.

[SOURCE: presscitizen.com; PHOTO: icanhascheezburger]

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