Who’s a Cutie?

Catster HQ  |  Sep 8th 2004

Well if you ask us, all cats are super-duper-duper cute!!! Why else would we make this site, right? Well now you, the Catster community, can have your own meow in the matter!

We are now Beta testing “Who’ s a Cutie?” Click on the link below and you will be taken in random order through the cats. This time however you will have the ability to vote on the ‘cuteness’ of that particular cat’s entry. The votes are intended to reflect the entire entry including the photos, the bios, the arrival stories, favorite nap spotsÔǪ everything!

In the future the average score will be displayed in each cat’s stats area and a new link in the navigation bar will be created to view the cutest, most entertaining entries. Perhaps later, we’ll even have a Best of Site or Best of Breed contest. Sounds fun, huh? Meow, scratch, lick!

Who’s a Cutie?

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