Month: March 2011

  • Caboodle: CUBS!

    We have a lot of kittens here on Catatar, but how about some cubs? You know, kittens from big cats! Cubs are just like kitties but bigger and scarier and with different ears and spots. But you can still see the same cute kitty cat looks on their faces. YAY, cubtastic!

  • “Kitty” the Library Cat Gets the Axe

    Kitty the Library Cat is a library cat no more. After a brief 2-week tenure as top cat at the Musser, Iowa, public library, Kitty was handed her pink slip. Her fleas were her undoing. The nasty critters got the best of Musser Public library director Pam Collins’ allergies. Collins consulted with a vet and …

  • Cat Guy FAIL

    Not all Cat Guys are as naturally adorable as John Fulton. Here’s an example of a Cat Guy FAIL. Gentlemen, take note.

  • Kindness to Feral Cats Gets Woman Evicted

    When Linda Anderson moved into her Glendale, Ariz., apartment in July of 2009, a group of eight stray and feral cats living at her new digs caught her eye. She decided she wanted to do the small colony a favor. “It really disturbed me that they were hungry,” she said. So she began a daily …

  • :P

    Aww, this lil’ guy looks so cuddly! Look at that loose skin! Classic baby animal.

  • Take Me With You

    I can’t stay on this floor forever~

  • Tabby Tuesday

    Poor tabby. Her big floofy tail won’t fit in the box! [PHOTO by Alisha Vargas]

  • Gorgeous Lion

    Man, look at that huge neck. Don’t you just wanna give him a big hug?

  • The Avalon Lion Roars in Animated Series

    Do you love cats? Then you might go crazy for Avalon Lion and his new online animated stories about cats. The Turkish Van cat Avalon Lion has jumped in pawpularity since his appearance in the horror movie The Strangers Outside. As a follow-up to his cinematic star turn, he’s now the main character in an …

  • Hitting the Slopes? You Cats Need Hats!

    I’m not sure about all parts of the country, but on the west coast, the Spring skiing season is looking good — once they dig out the highways to the ski resorts. Before you go, evaluate your attire. Does it scream “Crazy Cat Lady?” No? Don’t worry. The Cat’s Meow can rescue you from bland, …