Month: March 2010

  • Times They Are A-Changing … at Catster

    Catster will be undergoing some changes in April in order to make the site even better and more fun for all you kittehs. Catster Raza — who moonlights as a cartoonist — tells the story: Raza is one of the admins of the Catster Group “Cats and Pups in Cartoons/Movies,” a group for talented cats …

  • Join Catster’s 2010 Easter Egg Hunt!

    Hey there, Catsters! The Catster Cat is playing Easter Bunny this year! As of this morning, he’s hidden 20 colorful eggs on select pet pages, forum posts, blog posts, and Cats 101 articles throughout the site. The first Catster to find all 20 eggs and get their entry submitted will win 20 Zealies and a …

  • Top 6 Easter Dangers

    Easter is a time of celebration and rebirth, but it can be deadly to your pet (who, unfortunately, is not equipped for rebirth). Here are the top six Easter/Spring dangers of which you should be aware: Easter Lilies All members of the lily family are lethal to cats. Consider safe alternatives like orchids, violets, daisies …

  • Pigs Pinch the Noms

    In a reader? Click here. Porky and Porcine wiggle their curly tails and win control of the noms.

  • Last Day to Enter Easter Skeezix Tee Giveaway!

    Today’s the deadline for entering The Cat’s Meow’s Easter Giveaway for an Easter Cat T-shirt. Kittehs, surprise your Mom (or Dad) with this festive Easter t-shirt featuring Skeezix the Cat! (Other shirt styles/colors are available.) How to Enter Leave a comment in the comments field of the giveaway post telling us how you plan to …

  • Australian Millionaire to Establish Free Spay/Neuter Clinics

    What would you do if you had a fortune worth over $500 million? I’m sure, like me, you would give at least a portion to your favorite animal charities. If you were Jan Cameron, Australia’s fourth richest woman, you would establish free spay/neuter and microchipping clinics across the country to make a dent in the …

  • Matrix Cat

    Matrix Cat is ready to be taken to the Oracle. [SOURCE: Flickr]

  • Is it Normal for Cats to go Into Heat Twice in Rapid Succession?

    Is it normal for a cat to go into heat twice right in a row? She was in heat two weeks ago for about three days, then she was fine, and now shes in heat again. Is that normal? Kara Peru, IN Yes, it is normal. Cats are amazingly well evolved creature. They make wonderful …

  • Celebrity Cat

    Quickly tiring of his life in the spotlight, Celebrity Cat pleads with the pawpurratzi not to take photos as he checks into rehab. [SOURCE:]

  • Got Ninja Skills?

    As the squirrel teased them mercilessly with taunts of “nyah nyah nyah,” Manny, Moe and Blackie wished they’d hadn’t napped so much during their Ninja Cat class. [SOURCE: Petopia]