Month: January 2010

  • Is it Wrong for Pets to Have Nicknames?

    My brother makes fun of me because I have six different nicknames for my cat. He says it’s silly. Is he right? Jessica College Park, MD Your brother is right. It is silly to have nicknames for your pet. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take my pal Buster (aka Bus, Buddy, …

  • Tuxedo Tuesday

    Here’s a gorgeous tuxie with the most amazing pattern on her nose … and those eyes!

  • Tahoe Woman Donates Pet Oxygen Masks

    According to Bark 10-4, a national campaign to outfit fire departments with pet oxygen masks, 40,000 pets each year die of smoke asphyxiation, and more than 500,000 pets each year are affected by fires. Learning this, animal lover Marian Jordan, a resident of the Lake Tahoe community of Kings Beach, asked Fire Chief Duane Whitelaw …

  • Monday Movie: Attack of the Clones

    Scared Siamese Kitten…SUPER CUTE!! – The funniest videos are a click away In a reader? Click here. This cute little kitteh turns scaredy cat when she spots a toy meezer kitten.

  • Homer’s Odyssey Update

    If you’re a fan of the book, “Homer’s Odyssey,” you know that Homer has two kitty housemates: Scarlett and Vashti. The sad news is, Vashti’s kidney’s are failing, and Gwen (Homer’s person) is providing updates on her blog. Drop by and send some purrs Vashti’s way. But beyond just the updates, Gwen eloquently describes how …

  • Play to Win This Weekend!

    Here’s a rememinder to play to win a Nintendo DSi from Catster. Everyone who plays Fresh Step’s flash card memory game between 1/20/10 and midnight PST 2/17/10 will be entered to win a Nintendo DSi from Catster. The more you play, the more chances you get to win! Each day that you play you will …

  • 9000 milestone

  • Cat Takes Bus to Village Pub for Some R&R

    Oddball, an adventurous UK cat who was missing for two months has been reunited with her owner, Clayre Milton. Oddball had snuck a ride on a bus to Liphook, Hampshire, where she took up residence at the The Royal Anchor pub. Once discovered, she was taken to the Haslemere Cat Adoption Centre, where a microchip …

  • Arabian Sand Cat Kittens Debut

    These Arabian Sand Cat kittens recently debuted at the Cincinnati Zoo, and boy are they CUTE! Here’s some action footage: Sand cats are rarely seen, but the species is found over a large part of North Africa, the Arabian peninsula and Asia. Sand cats live solitarily (only congregating to mate) and dig burrows to escape …

  • Bonus moderncat Giveaway: Way Cool Kitty Tees

    Our friends at moderncat have a pawsome bonus giveaway this month: a winner’s choice of tee from Ex-Boyfriend. (Beware! I’ll be trampling over the top of all entrants trying to win the Buddah Kitteh shirt!) Click here for details on how to enter.