Month: September 2007

  • OMC! Get Answers to Any Question!

    Check Out Our New Feature “Catster Answers” We just launched a brand new feature called Catster Answers where anyone can ask a cat questions and anyone can answer it. Check it out now So far it’s really amazing. You can ask complex, very specific questions, general questions, or new-to-dog questions, questions about Catster, whatever. And …

  • Group Admins can now Moderate Group Forums

    Group Admins Can Now Moderate Group Forums Hi Everyone, We just launched another Groups enhancement. Group admins can now moderate their group forums. Now Admins can. * Close (and reopen) a thread * Edit the thread title * Edit a forum post * Hide a post from appearing. Much woof and meow!

  • Improvement: Group Homepages Now Show More Recent Forum Threads

    Homepage Improvements That Forum Users You The very first visible improvement to Groups just went live. You’ll now see both the hottest and the 4 most recently posted to threads instead of just one of each. This change is already in effect in all of your Groups! Much much more to come quite soon!