Month: June 2005

  • Who Still Needs A Wee-Wee Pad???

    Dr. Barchas’ newest column is about inappropriate urination. How to find out if it’s a mistake or !gasp! on purpose. His previous entry was on the right age to spay and neuter. We’re so happy to have Dr. Barchas with us!

  • Now Meowing CatsterPlus!

    We got some really big big news. For over a year now kitties have asked how can they post more than 10 photos and please, please can I add captions to my photos and customize my page a bit. Until now it’s been impossible due the costs, but finally we have the solution and it’s …

  • What’s Your Kittie Complexion

    Meow meeeeeoow! We just got to launch a fun new feature we’re really thrilled about. Now there are questions in your cat’s account page referring to different traits and characterisics. You pick on a chart what they are and then we show the results on a nifty chart on your dogs page! Here’s Steven’s Izzy. …