Month: May 2005

  • New Dr. Barchas Answer Is Live

    First off did you know the Dr. Barchas’ name is pronounced like ‘Bark-us’. He’s just as serious and whimsical as we are! Woof! Second off, Dr. Barchas has a new answer up about pet dental procedures. He is truly speaking the tooth.

  • New Paw Stroll for Pets With Less Than 3 Votes.

    Give More Attention To New Catsters Even though there have now been almost 100,000 votes cast in the Give Paw feature, we saw too often that since we have to always randomize the voting process some fluffies never got to be judged. So now we launched a special voting stroll called New Additions that will …

  • You Have Questions – Dr. Barchas DVM Has Answers

    How lucky are we? The amazing veterinarian Dr. Barchas, whose name is even a pet pun, will be answering a new member question each week. More than just a great vet he is a great person and we’re are definitely barking like mad he has joined us. Read his column weekly and send in your …

  • We Tripled The Number of Forum Topics

    We are thrilled to see how active everyone is with the new Forums. Have you seen them yet? Thousands of entries have been made in less than a month. New topics range from tips and tricks, to obedience to warm farewells. Keep on yak’in it up!

  • Is It Still Mother’s Day? It Should Be!

    We had so much fun with the Mother’s Day Picture Stroll that we left it up for an extra week. The mothers deserve it. Over 1,900 fluffies joined in the party so it’s been quite a blast. We’ve taken down the main links, but as always if you joined the stroll there will be a …

  • Dogster Wins A Webby!

    Thanks For Voting For First off, we want to thank you from the bottom of our fur for sending in all your votes for Dogster. Reading all the referals on their site as well as ours really meant so much to us and re-emboldened us to keep making this as great as we can. …

  • Is It Art Or Is It Target?

    Just click any Target ad to design your own postcard! Super silly clever.