Month: August 2004

  • More Pet Stats

    We now track your cat or dog’s page views as well as number of friends. The page views will be counted as of August 13th. Fifty-eight views! Seven friends! Wow! Am I popular or what? Meow! Scratch! Woof!

  • Messaging is officially launched!

    Hi ho dog and cat lovers! Ever wanted to tell that pug puppy how cute she is? Do you long to get in touch with the proud, beautiful Maine Coon? If you have always wanted the ability to talk to your pup pals, feline friends or any other super dogs and cats, here is your …

  • What We Scratched Before We Had Catster

    Need more kitties online? Who doesn’t? These are two of our favorites to scratch, Infinite Cat Project and My Cat Hates You. Infinite kitties indeed!

  • Here kitty kitty!

    Holy cats, we did it! Is this great or what? Catster is live and the cats den is growing faster than we can keep. We hope you’ll love it as much as Dogster. It’s important to us you do so let us know your cat thoughts. We read evey emails and respond every time! Seriouly, …