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What is causing my kitten to throw up? Is it the raw?

I have two kittens that I bottle fed since they were two days old. They were born July 28 and I put them on raw food a little over a month ago. They…

ASKED BY Member 1199401 on 11/14/13
TAGGED rawdiet, vomiting, throwingup IN Raw Food

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My cat is 17 years old barely eats, is throwing up and has bloody diarrhea?

My cat is 17 years old, 4 lbs, and throwing up after eating. She has almost stopped eating all together and what little she does eat, she usually…

ASKED BY Member 1184697 on 8/8/13
TAGGED sick, throwingup, vomiting, old, senior, bloody, diarrhea, noteating, lossofappetite, dehydration, ill IN Emergencies & First Aid

Leopold Von Witt

My cornish rex started throwing up last night. He hasn't used the litter box, he tried nothing came out?

He is leaking urine while laying down. He had weight loss prior to this and we have been to a vet two weeks ago. All his bloodwork came back fine…

ASKED BY Leopold Von Witt on 6/1/13
TAGGED throwingup, urine, nofoodorwater IN Health & Wellness

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Why is my cat throwing up whitish liquid?

About a month or so ago, my cat threw up whitish liquid about every other day. He still ate and drank normally, and stopped throwing up after…

ASKED BY Member 1139141 on 11/5/12
TAGGED illness, throwingup, whiteliquid, throwingupliquid IN Illness & Disease

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My newly adopted cat keeps throwing up.. is that normal from stress?

He is a male 12 yrs old over weight. He loves to eat and will eat a little then a minute later will throw up.

ASKED BY Member 1107356 on 4/23/12
TAGGED newlyadopted, throwingup IN Bringing Your Pet Home


Opinions please?

I have thrown up 3 hairballs in the past 2 weeks. I've thrown up the last 2 of them within 24 hours. I used to get backed up with hairballs, so…

ASKED BY Twinkle on 1/26/12
TAGGED hairballs, throwingup IN Other Health & Wellness

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Do cats throw up often, or should I be concerned?

My 3yr old cat has started throwing up 2-4 times a week now. We have had him on an indoor cat food for as long as we've had him with wet food once…

ASKED BY Member 1082465 on 1/6/12
TAGGED vomit, cat, hairballs, baths, throwingup IN Other Health & Wellness

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