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HELP, My small black and white cat recently came back from the garden with a bad limp?

We quickly inspected it and found an open wound half way up her leg, it is slightly swolen and red, but quite small. She has been progressively…

ASKED BY Member 1178261 on 7/3/13
TAGGED help, wound, leg, limp, black, and, white, small, cat IN Health & Wellness

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My has black specks around the individual strands of his fur when looked at under a microscope?

Today I looked at my cats hair under a microscope, and say that there were small black microscopic specks with a clear interior. My cat is 7 years old…

ASKED BY Member 1153601 on 2/4/13
TAGGED fur, microscopic, blackspecks IN Grooming

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Why does my cat flip her head violently while playing?

My Cat has always been this way. When ever she would play with another cat or with a simple toy. My cat will flip her head violently. She isn't hurt…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED black, tabby, cat, flips, head, violent, violently, while, playing IN Socialization

Captain Jack

My black cat isn't always black.…

My 2 year old male Angora is black- even half of the inside of his mouth- but when he lays in the sunlight his fur looks very red! I am not crazy…

ASKED BY Captain Jack on 12/19/12
TAGGED color, coat, black IN Breeds A-H

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What cat breed is right for me?

I'm interested in getting my first cat. I want a cat that is very affectionate but that can also be independent. I also want to get a black female…

ASKED BY Member 1141346 on 11/19/12
TAGGED blackcat, firsttimeowner, bombay, americanshorthair, americanwirehair IN Breeds

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What breed is my cat? She's similar to a calico, but I'm not sure.…

She is similar to a calico, the white ones with a little black, but she and her sister have large black spots with a tint of brown. They're domestic…

ASKED BY Member 1121192 on 7/17/12
TAGGED breed, blackwhiteandbrown, dsh IN Breeds

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My new black cat, Squirrel, is 2-3 yo. He has long hair, but it lays flat against his body and his tail is not bushy?

but hangs down under his tail. He also has med-dark charcoal hair under his armpits...adorable. Any ideas on possible breeds?

ASKED BY Member 1119472 on 7/7/12
TAGGED blackcat, differentcolorarmpithair, longflathair, notbushy IN Breeds

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