Can I make a 3 year old, declawed, indoor family cat a 24/7 outdoor cat?

Our cat has been an indoor cat since we have had her. She always used the litter box with out any problem. She recently started peeing all over the house. Not just one spot. It may be tied to the recent sickness and death of our family dog. I have tried everything that has been suggested to help stop her from doing this. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow to make sure she does not have an urinary tract infection or other medical issue. I am actually thinking of putting her down, because I am at the end of my rope. A friend of mine suggested I make her a 24/7 outdoor cat. I live in Maryland, our winters are cold, rainy and icy. I know that our cat does not like the outdoors. Would this be a humane solution to our problem or would this be cruel and unusual punishment? We love our cat. I don't want to freak her out by forcing her to love outside.

Asked by Member 1040887 on Jul 14th 2011 Tagged catlitterbox, peeing, outdoor, indoor in Behavior & Training
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It sounds like your cat is long overdue for a trip to the vet for a suspected urinary tract infection. Mention to your vet what you plan on doing - putting the cat outside 24/7. This is cruel and inhumane, especially since your cat is declawed and would have no way to defend herself! If you feel so strongly about putting your cat outside, do your cat a favor and find her a new home where someone will love her and take care of her instead of putting her "down" or outside. After all, you were the one who decided to declaw her. Your cat didn't make that decision. Maybe she is grieving for the dog. In any event, let the vet make a diagnosis as to what may be wrong with your cat. You should have taken her to the vet when the problem started, not when it got out of hand. I strongly urge that you not let your cat out no matter what! That would be inhumane and cruel. I hope your kitty is well and the inappropriate elimination stops soon for her sake. Best of luck.

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No, you can not make a defenseless declawed cat an outdoor cat. She not only has no protection or ability to climb trees for safety without her claws but she has no concept of needing to protect herself in the first place if she has always lived indoors. It would be a cruel punishment but I suppose as opposed to being put to sleep for peeing it might sound like a better choice to just about anybody. Once you verify that she is not sick, you just need to work with her to retrain her. Try confining her to a room with the litterbox so she can not pee all over the house for a while so she can get over the loss of the dog. Clean the places she has peed with an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle to remove her scent so she won't keep returning to those spots. Ask your vet for additional tips to correct a behavioral issue while you are there. He may be able to recommend a sedative that will help her.

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Unless you want to see your defenseless declawed cat die an inhumane death, keep your baby cat indoors . . . Please! There are diapers made especially for dogs and I think cats.

I have 10 cats (all permitted and well taken care of) and bought a package of size small puppy diapers which has a hole where the tail goes that many cats with incontinence use.

There are a few Yahoo sites and other sites that help you with feline incontinence. I highly recommend the diapers and prepare for thorough cleaning with each change to keep bacteria out.

Glad to hear you're going to the Vet. Could be grief, litter box not being cleaned regularly (maybe due to grief yourself?), kidney or many other health issues. Any sudden change in behavior is reason to take your cat (or other animal) to the vet. So glad (again) you're going!

Please do not keep this beautiful being outside, defenseless, unknowning of the beings and elements out there, getting lost, dying a horrible death. Your child.

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Why didn't you take her to the vet as soon as she started peeing everywhere instead of waiting until it "got out of hand"? I can't believe your friend suggested making this cat an outdoor cat. She's declawed & she's never been out. How do you & your friend expect her to know how to live outside when she's never been out & how do you both expect her to defend herself without claws? Don't even get me started on all the dangers out there & all the bad things that could happen to her outside regardless! This cat is only 3 & you are thinking of putting her down when you haven't even took her to the vet to rule out health issues and to get advice? For shame!

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since the cat is declawed and defenceless dont force her to love something she doesnt like putting her outside there are several dangers for a cat that does not have street smarts the cat can be hit by a car, attacked by wild animals or domestic, diseases, etc. and putting the cat down since she pees all over the house is rediculous DONT DO IT!!!! if you want her to want to be outdoors slowly introduce her to the outside world there is an explanation for peeing all over the house yes i could be a UTI its great that you are taking her to the vet and gettin her checked out but if this cat has been doing this for a while then it could be something more serious but please dont put the cat down for something that can be fixable its the lazy mans way out of it

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First of all: when a cat starts peeing all over the house you should take her to a vet, because it could be urinary infection. You shouldn’t wait until get “out of hand”. Second: When you declaw a cat she became defenseless. I don’t know about the States, but in Brazil declawing a cat in an act of mutilation, it is prohibited and a vet that does it can lose his/her license! You declawed you cat, now you HAVE to take care of her, because she is defenseless. She won’t be able to live outdoors because she can’t defense herself, can’t climb trees or hunt to survive. If you let her outdoor 24/7, she will die. Third: You say you love her, but you are thinking of put her down because she is having this issue. She is only 3yr old! Is this love?
You should take her to the vet and if she isn’t sick, you should retrain her. If you believe that you can’t handle it any more, look for a new home for her where she could be loved and cared of.

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Have cat with a problem, kill it. Have a baby who cramps your lifestyle, kill it. When you adopted your cat, it was meant to be s lifelong responsibity. Live up to it.

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Baltster 1990 ~ 2011

Have a look at this article

Your kitty maybe suffering from stress. Unfortunately the fact your kitty is declawed makes her a definite indoor kitty in my opinion. Our kitties are indoor outdoor cats, so I'm not against it. But it's because she doesn't have claws I think it may be a death sentence.

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I agree with all above answers.
What else can I say - but I'd like to add my voice here.
Please keep your kitty and sort her out whatever it takes.
If vets will say that she is healthy - then it's a problem of behavior she has developed and there are specialists to help. Find one on-line or where you live and spend some time and money so that a feline person you took responsibility for three years ago will not have to suffer horrible death one way or another.

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Don't put her down! I(did) that and it turned out I had a urinary trac infection. When animals go to the bathroom outside their litter box it means something is wrong.

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you could make her an outside cat, but think about,if she's declawed,how she defend herself?cats climb trees with claws,kill prey with claws, and fight predators with claws.also, she may not be going in her box because its not clean.cats like a clean litter box.reply 2 me

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