Day: January 1, 1970


When you initially hear the name “Siberian,” you might picture a cat that comes from the cold, harsh region of Russia of the same name. You wouldn’t be far off in your imagining. “The name says it all,” says Summer Joy Moffitt, a Siberian breeder from California. “Siberians are fairly common in Russia, and there …

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The Oriental cat can be found in more than 600 patterns. Photography ©GlobalP | Getty Images.


The Look of a Oriental Orientals are sturdy and sleek in appearance. They have large ears, a wedge-shaped head and a lanky body. Orientals come in more than 300 different colors and patterns. White, red, cream, black, blue, chestnut, lavender, cinnamon and fawn are available solid colors. Parti-colors and smoke colors are also part of …

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Quick Facts Weight: 5.5 – 14 pounds The Look of a Ocicat The Ocicat trademark signature is the array of thumbprint-sized spots in a bull’s eye pattern sprinkled all over the body. This agouti-spotted cat features solid muscles on a sleek, medium-sized, athletic-looking body. The Ocicat’s spotted coat comes in 12 recognized colors: tawny, chocolate, …

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Nebelung close up.


Quick Facts Weight: 5.5 – 16 pounds The Look of a Nebelung When it comes to the Nebelung, the operative word is long: long, graceful neck and body, long legs, long coat and long tail. Slightly oval eyes are a vivid green color, or sometimes a yellow-green. Large, pointed ears sit atop a modified wedge-shaped …

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A gray cat scratching.


Quick Facts Weight: 5.5 – 11 pounds The Look of a Korat The Korat is a silver-blue cat with a moderately cobby build. Eye colors are either green or amber. The head of the Korat is heart-shaped. The ears are large, and have rounded tips. Male Korats weigh approximately 11 pounds, while females are considerably …

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Quick Facts Weight: 7 – 10 pounds | male 5 – 7 pounds | female Height: The Look of a Javanese The Javanese cat exhibits the refined, slender body of the Siamese but with a fine, silky, single-layered medium-length coat and a plumed tail. Deep blue eyes, a wedged shaped head and large ears reflect …

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Quick Facts Weight: 10 – 12 pounds | male 8 – 10 pounds | female The Look of a Manx Sturdy in stature, the Manx sports one of the shortest torsos of any feline breed. Its looks are highlighted by a broad chest, round head, and big, round eyes. The ears are wide set and …

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