Who Wants A Treat! Well Give it To 'em!

 |  Sep 23rd 2004  |   0 Contributions

Who wants a treat? Who’s been a good kitty? You have! So get ready for your treat! Now you can leave a treat to any cat you want. When you are on any cat’s page you’ll see a link to leave them a treat. Catster treats are just fun little gifts you can leave behind. You can share a treat with any pet you want. Heck, you can leave as many as you want! But as in life, treats are not permanent and each treat only has a shelf-life of two weeks and has to be replenished by giving more treats. The amount of treats a cat’s has received will change the color of the treat symbol in their stats. Yellow = 1 to 4, Green = 5 - 15 , Blue = 16 - 29 and Red greater than 30! But treats always go fast!


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