What's Your Real Age?

 |  Feb 26th 2009  |   6 Contributions

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Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer This week, my grate frend, Mr Echo, sellebrated whut I thot was his 3rd berthday. (I reemember win he was just a kitten!) On his blog post, he sed he was reely 32 yeers old, and that bloo me away cuz he's yunger than me, and I'm 4-1/2! He ixplaned how cats age faster in thare ferst two yeers of life, so that now he's the eqwivalent of 32 yeers old.

That was a lot for me to ponder.

It made me wunder how old I reely was. Cuz if Mr Echo was 32, I must be like 100 yeers old! Luckily, on Catster, I fownd a calculator to tell me how old I was. Sinse I'm an indoor cat (does going owt in the stroller make me an owtdoor cat?), my human age eqwivalent is also 32.... so me and Mr Echo are the same age! Weird, eh? I looked to see how old my howsemate Rocky reely is (he'll almost 18), but the calculator duzn't go up that high. I gess his age is "lucky to be alive."

What's YOUR age in cat yeers? Click heer to find owt.


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