Samson the Cat Invited to Join American Legion

 |  Jul 15th 2010  |   5 Contributions

An artist's rendering of what Samson would look like as a Legionaire.

Samson the Cat must be laughing his orange head off from the Rainbow Bridge.

Despite the fact that he is deceased, a cat, and had never seen military service, Samson recently received a letter inviting him to join the American Legion.

"The only war he ever fought was chasing mice," says his mom, Colleen Harris, who was married to a war vet.

Harris wants to thank all the veterans she knows, hoping the American Legion will do the same before turning to more cats for membership dues.

"They need to be maybe a little more particular on how they solicit and not be so worried about everybody sending in their $25."

According to the Kentucky American Legion, letters are sometimes sent to non-service members. They claim that national headquarters purchases mailing lists that aren't always accurate, but credentials are verified later through local posts.

Here's video coverage of the story:



I'm waiting for Newman to get his letter.



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