Redesign Update: Pet Pages and Groups

 |  May 21st 2010  |   2 Contributions

Hi Catsters,

As our redesign nears, we thought we'd give you another look at what other sections of the site might look like. We mentioned before that pet page/group functionality would not be changing for this launch, so here are screen shots of each, maintaining their users' custom designs.

Here's how Catster member Katrina's pet page will look post-launch:


Looking at her current profile, you will notice that aside from our new navigation bar, it is not too different.

And here is a screen shot of the Love of Pups N Cats group page, post-redesign:


For comparison, here is what it looks like today.

Thanks for being patient with us. We love our new look and hope you will too.


Your pals at HQ


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