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Do You Ever Bring Your Cat to Work in Your Purse?

Of course you don't. But Mika Brzezinski did, and she works on television at "Morning Joe."

 |  Mar 27th 2014  |   3 Contributions

It made for some bizarre television. Mika Brzezinski, co-host on Morning Joe, was sitting around a table with Joe Scarborough and some other talking heads on Wednesday, gearing up to chat about the important political issues of the day (in this case, castrating hogs). 

Brzezinski then paused, reached under the desk, and pulled her purse out. She put in on the table. She said that she had something to give to Joe. And then she reached in and pulled out a cat. On Morning Joe. She pulled a cat out of her purse on a morning political news show.

Joe lost it -- everyone lost it, really. It wasn't the cat so much as the fact that she pulled it out of her purse. But it was also the cat. This is a morning political news show. People don't pull cats out of their purses on morning political news shows. Charles Krauthammer could have been sitting there. Anybody could have been sitting there.

Those who were there were, of course, duly horrified by the cat. I would say "mock horrified" but the guy on the left really looks horrified:

Joe, however, thought the whole thing was great.

"You just pulled that poor cat out of a bag!" he yelled, delighted by the turn his show had taken.

This guy is not having it.

In the mixed-up, funny conversation that followed, we learn that Joe had given his cat to his co-host to train after complaining that the cat was too aggressive. Brzezinski was now returning the cat after a week of working with the cat.  

"I've been working with her, Joe," Brzezinski said. "You have to learn to handle her better, because she is really well-behaved." 

"What, you mean keep her in a bag!?" Scarborough said. 

Scarborough asked whether the cat had been in a bag for a week: "Is that how you take care of my cat?"

"I've been working with her. You told me she was a little aggressive and she jumps all over," Brzezinski said. "No, you just have to give her love and you have to take care of her and you never, ever -- look at me -- you never ignore her."

"I don't ignore her," Scarborough said quietly. 

Brzezinski then said the cat was a rescue and showed off her impressive length. 

"She's like a ferret!" she said. "She's perfect!"

"Give me my cat," said Joe. 

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