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Yarr, Catsters! It's Meow Like a Pirate Day!

We're celebrating with eye patches and peg legs and a FREE gift in the Catster gift shop!

 |  Sep 19th 2013  |   0 Contributions

Ahoy, me hearties! Thursday, September 19, is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, where scurvy-ridden landlubbers put on hats and eyepatches and say "Arrrr!" a lot.

I sail me ship upon the sea! In the photo, Catster Gracie

Catster's cutlass-carrying kitties are invited to get in on the fun with the cat version, Meow Like a Pirate Day. And to celebrate, we are offering a FREE Jolly Roger gift in the Catster Gift Store— but only for today.

Catster Sammy's eyepatch is the envy of the seven seas!

Ahoy Meowteys! In the photo, Catster Taz Poco

Catster Calvin will take all your treasure (and your heart, too.)

So swab the poop deck and make one of your high-seas-sailing feline friends happy by sending them some treasure.

And Catsters, dont furget to tag your photos with "pirate" to join the Meow Like a Pirate Stroll!



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