Man Blames Heinous Crime on Cat

 |  Aug 8th 2009  |   16 Contributions

funny pictures of cats with captions


What's worse than a child pornographer? How about a child pornographer who blames the downloaded smut on his cat?

funny pictures of cats with captions
Keith Griffin (right) was charged this week with 10 counts of possession of child pornography after authorities found more than 1,000 images on his home computer. But Griffin alleges he had no knowledge of the illicit images and claims his cat was behind the downloads.

According to Griffin, his cat regularly sits on his computer keyboard, and on several occasions he came back to his computer to find that "strange material" had been downloaded.

Police didn't buy it. Griffin is currently being held in a Florida jail. A family friend is caring for the cat.

Shame on you, Mr Griffin.


[LINK: Miami Herald; PHOTO: Manchester PG Careers]


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