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In the Wake of Meow's Loss, Here Comes Tiny Tim to Inspire Us

While Meow may have lost the battle of the bulge, Houston's fat cat, Tiny Tim, soldiers on, losing the weight one day at a time.

 |  May 11th 2012  |   15 Contributions

In the wake of the tragic loss of superstar kitty Meow, here's some inspiration to brighten your day.

Meet Tiny Tim, a not-so-tiny 34-pound tabby who is beating the odds and thriving on a healthy diet and exercise regimen to help shed the weight.

What a big kitty!
Tiny goes for one of his daily walks.

 When Tiny Tim was rescued from the streets in Houston, Texas, around Christmastime, he weighed in at a whopping 35 and a half pounds.

Since then, however, Tiny has lost about 3 pounds, and has a following of Facebook users and local schoolkids who come to check up on his progress. He even attended Healthy Kids Day at the local YMCA.

Along with diet and exercise, some good old TLC also helps Tiny lose weight.

We wish you the best of luck, Tiny Tim!

As well as eating a reduced-calorie diet, Tiny takes six strolls a day from one end to the other of the Southside Place Animal Clinic, where he resides and receives care. His target weight is 12 pounds, which his doctors hope to achieve over the next couple of years.

Story via, photos by Johnny Hanson / © 2012 Houston Chronicle


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