Hero Cat Saves Owners and Menagerie from Fire

 |  Jan 8th 2011  |   12 Contributions


Marie Smith and her partner David Howlett were sound asleep in their home north of London earlier this week when their cat Bandit scratched Smith's face, waking her up.

Noxious smoke and fumes were filling the house as Bandit alerted Smith to a kitchen fire.

Smith then woke everyone else in the house, then rescued five cats, four kittens, two dogs and their hamsters, gerbils and rabbits before evacuating.

Howlett Said, "The fire brigade said if the cat hadnt woke you up, then you would have been dead.

Marie is a hard-core animal lover and admits that Bandit is a very intelligent cat. Even so, she was amazed at his lifesaving antics.

She said, I didnt expect him to do something like that, which I am amazed by. He can actually talk.

He can say things like hello but people dont believe me he can talk.

Smith and Howlett were treated for smoke inhalation at the scene by ambulance paramedics. The fire was caused by a frying pan left unattended on the stove.

Fortunately, David's favorite hot pink robe was not damaged in the fire.

[SOURCE: Peterborough Today]


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