Helpful Answers Yield Zealies!

 |  Dec 15th 2008  |   0 Contributions

The following Catster members have received 25 Zealies each for the pawesome answers that they've given to guests and other members who post questions in our Answers section. People browsing through the Answers section can rate the answers that they read by letting us know if they thought that the answer given was helpful or not.

October's most helpful cats were: Izzie, Tabby, Natasha, Spike and Allie.

November's most helpful cats were: Izzie, Minxy, Kira, Mr. Fez and Maxine.

December's most helpful cats? Well, that's up to you! Head on over to Answers and start seeing where you can help out--you could be awarded 25 Zealies next month!


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