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George the Cat Is Blind, Deaf and Devilishly Handsome

A fungus called cryptococcus couldn't keep George down. Just look at that face!

 |  Sep 16th 2013  |   1 Contribution

Look, George the cat is so fluffin' handsome that he doesn't need to see his reflection to know how good-looking he is. George's handsomeness transcends vision -- it's more like an experience

Not only is George blind and handsome, he's deaf. But whatever, because he's a cat and he still has his whiskers and his nose and those amazing extra cat senses that allow felines to be magical.

Despite being blind and deaf, George is a lover of the sensual life, and lists camping, sniffing the outside air, and writing poetry among his favorite activities -- along with being outrageously handsome. Naturally.

Handsome as fluff.

Sweet setup!

"I smell something."

But George wasn't always blind and deaf, and there was a brief period when he was less-than-handsome. He was born a happy, healthy kitten, but came down with an infection from a fungus called cryptococcus. The infection ravaged George's body, leaving the orange kitty too weak to move or eat. He had to be fed via a tube, and his human friend took him to Cape Cod, hoping the salty air would do something for his health. He was outfitted with a little tent so he could recover in peace and quiet (hence his fondness for camping).

George's private tent.

George has a ramp for his cat tree.

Get 'em cowboy. George the tabby is blind and deaf.

And recover he did, although he faces a lifetime of antifungal medication to keep the infection at bay. That doesn't seem to bother George -- all that matters to him now is the pleasure of being healthy, even if he does need a little help doing so.

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