Monday Miracle
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This Week's Monday Miracle Is at the Center of a Celebrikitty Scandal

She was Fangsy's mysterious lover until her snaggletooth beauty took her to center stage.

 |  Mar 10th 2014  |   2 Contributions

This is how it happens: It's a Friday night and I'm trying to take a weekend from my work. (When you do social media, business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.) That's when someone in my circle of friends will say, "Hey, have you seen Insert Internet Cat Name Here?"

Yes, of course I have. This is my job, it is my job to see and to know which cats are currently filling your Facebook feeds. And what I've noticed -- which is awesome -- is that these Facebook felines form online communities and narratives, so my Facebook feed is sort of like reading a soap opera of cats. Yes, my job is really cool ... even when it seeps into my weekends.

They make a cute couple.

I have a soft spot for the underbite longhaired kitties like Fangsy, Princess Monster Truck, and Eddie the Face, so imagine my intrigue when I noticed Fangsy very publicly asking a certain special feline to be his Valentine back in February. I was all, "Who could this queen be? Will she accept Fangsy's request? Will hearts be broken? Who is she?"

She is Coco Puff and she is truly a beauty to behold. She is a petite Persian, weighing a diminutive seven pounds. She was adopted from North Texas Cat Rescue, where someone probably dumped her because they didn't know what a gem she is.

But I have five things that prove Coco Puff is actually the very definition of beauty and very deserving of Fangsy's affection:

1. She is the daintiest loaf I've ever seen

If you could bake heaven and then serve it in a loaf, it would look like this.

So cute.

2. She looks good in bold patterns

Because she herself is bold.

Bold and beautiful.

3. Her eyes stare deeply into your soul

She knows your secrets, and she treasures them.

"I know your secrets … "

4. She keeps it clean

Because cleanliness is next to godliness.

Spa day! In the sink ...

5. She is coy and demure

With one beautiful, perfect tooth peeking out like a unicorn horn.

True elegance.

All photos via Coco Puff's Facebook page, which you should go check out and tell her Catster sent ya!

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