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A Corky Update: The Crooked-Legged Kitty Is Walking Tall

Corky's birth defect left him with legs twisted like a pretzel. But after surgery, he's running with the best of them -- on three legs.

 |  Jul 9th 2012  |   1 Contribution

A few months ago, I shared the story of Corky, a kitten born with bilateral arthrogryphosis of his rear legs, which left those limbs twisted like a pretzel. Now, four months and several surgeries later, Corky is a normal, active little guy -- although he's now a tripod.

Tripod or not, Corky can still haul tail. Image from Corky's Facebook page

After his initial surgery in March, Corky developed swelling in his rear legs. Follow-up operations to reduce the swelling and save the legs were only partially successful. So instead of walking on all fours, he's walking on all threes. Nonetheless, the videos posted on Corky's Facebook page show that he's moving better on three legs than he did on his "rear pretzels."

Corky also enjoys supervised visits outdoors. Photo by Mark Sorgaard via Corky's Facebook page

But Corky's story isn't just one of triumph over adversity and the love and care of the small army of people at CATS Cradle Shelter who have worked tirelessly to get Corky on his feet again. Corky's paying it forward by spreading the word to his 15,000-plus Facebook fans about special-needs cats all over the country who are looking for adoptive homes.

Who knew that a tiny, crooked-legged kitten could end up making such a difference in the lives of so many people ... and so many cats, too?

Corky puts his "pawtograph" on a limited-edition print that was a fundraiser for CATS Cradle Shelter. Don't worry; the ink they used was non-toxic! Photo from Corky's Facebook page

Let's all take a lesson from the little guy and learn from the statement on his official pawtograph: "From an abandoned, crippled kitten to a symbol of hope and compassion, Corky the Cradle Cat proves that you don't have to be 'perfect' to make a difference."

Check out this video of Corky and his kitty friend playing with the laser toy. The CATS Cradle Shelter's YouTube page has lots of other sweet Corky videos, which are guaranteed to help you shake the Monday blues.

Source: Citypages


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