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This Just In! Colonel Meow Has Been in the Hospital and He Needs Our Help!

The famous feline has a mysterious ailment and is calling on us to send him good vibes.

 |  Nov 18th 2013  |   11 Contributions

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This is an all points bulletin for Colonel Meow's faithful minions.

You know the record-setting Colonel of Consternation must be in trouble when he finally cedes to a trip to the vet. 

According to the Colonel's Facebook page, the long-haired Persian-Himalayan mix cat has been hospitalized with symptoms veterinarians have not been able to diagnose. There's a possibility the cat might have to go in for surgery, and he has already undergone a blood transfusion that might have sent the ferocious feline into heart failure -- but he survived!

Colonel Meow and his human slave beast.

The Colonel is definitely a fighter.

The toughened kitty is obviously a fighter, but no battle can be won alone. His Slave Beast has put out a call to all the Colonel's minions to send him our best healing vibes in an effort to pull the Colonel back to health. That's an order direct from the Colonel's mouth! (That's how you know there's still a glimmer of hope -- the Colonel can still find the strength to boss us around!)

What will Boots do without the Colonel the boss him around?


You heard the Colonel! Start sending those good vibes NOW!

If we lose the Colonel, who will be our lord and master? Though Grumpy Cat seems to share the Colonel's worldview, she hardly seems interested in global domination. And Lil Bub? Well, Lil Bub is just too cute. Send all your good energy to Colonel Meow now!

Here's wishing the kitty a speedy recovery.

All photos via Colonel Meow's Facebook page

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