Check Out Improvements to the Homepage!

 |  Jan 22nd 2008  |   0 Contributions

Today we launched a number of revisions to the homepage in response to the feedback barked and meowed in by you!

These enhancements are live now:

* Gifts and messages appear together on one tab, so both are visible when the page loads. The tab also has convenient links to My Forum Posts, plus Resume Stroll if you’ve been browsing pet pages.
* My Family is now a tab at the top, so it’s there when you need it, but not viewable immediately upon page load.
* Featured pets (Dog of the Day, Cat of the Day, Diaries, etc.) moved up to the middle of the page are all visible upon page load.
* My Corral and My Pals tabs are now paginated, so you can easily scroll through them.
* A fun welcome message with links to all your pets is back at the top of the page!
* Friends activity (Bark Board/Scratching Post) moved down to bottom of page, but it has more space to display more info at once.
* Site stats are back to the homepage, showing the number of pets added yesterday and more.

Other changes include the following:

* Clicking a gift icon once again shows the gift info, such as the sender and message, directly on the homepage.
* A link to Advanced Pet Search appears in the upper right when you are logged in.
* The Add a Dog/Cat button is replaced by a See the Dogs/Cats button for logged-in users in the top navigation. We’re also updating Strolls page—which is a great starting place for browsing Pet Pages—to show all strolls. The new button will link to that page.

We hope you’ll join our homepage group and let us know what you think.


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