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Oscar the Ug Hooks Our Heart with His Snaggletooth of Destiny

Whoever ditched this cat is a fool; his tooth is actually a unicorn horn. His new family knows!

 |  Jul 1st 2013  |   13 Contributions

We totally hate it when cats get ditched at the shelter. It's like, "Oh, come on, what's your problem? You can't just dump a cat when he gets old, or sick, or loses a few teeth." And then we wonder whether karma is secretly rubbing her hands together, plotting for the day those people will be dumped by their families when they get old, and sick, and lose a few teeth. Because we all get old eventually!

We're giving Oscar the best sun puddle in the house.

But whatever. Cat poop on those people, because for Oscar, his abandonment just left room for someone else -- someone more worthy -- to come and scoop him up! And now Oscar has his own Facebook page and I'm giving him the spotlight, right here on Catster, and together, we're going to make Oscar a star.

Because look at this face.

Are you looking?

Really, look at it closely.

But are you REALLY looking?

Closer than that!


This is the face of a cat who's destined for Internet fame. Because on the Internet, we root for the underdog -- er, undercat. In Oscar's story of a second chance, we see all the second chances people have granted us -- second chances to prove that we're more than meets the eye.

Oscar was rescued from the SPCA Canterbury in New Zealand. Because he's some sort of longhaired mix, his fur was probably matted from neglect, which means he came home to his new family naked. No problem -- it grows back. (That's what my mom would say after a bad haircut.) As Oscar's magnificent coat grew in, he got to wear some cool sweaters. What a stylish little feline.

Does that come in people size?

But what's most amazing about Oscar is his single tooth and its penchant for peeking out of Oscar's mouth, all like, "Hey world, what's up?"

Oscar laughs at all your jokes.

You're what's up, Oscar and Tooth! Congrats on your new life and may your one Snaggletooth gleam in the sunlight like a radiant unicorn horn forever.

Looking good, Oscar.

Aw, no, Oscar, YOU'RE special!

You should follow Oscar at his Facebook page here, which is where we got all these awesome photos of him.

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