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40 Blankets for Cats, Ranked

When you're a cat, the quality of a blanket is often the measure of a human's worth -- so listen up.

 |  Jul 15th 2014  |   11 Contributions

Cats love blankets, but you can't just toss a cat a blanket and say, "Here," and expect him to fall down and be all in love with you. A cat will want to know the make of blanket, he'll reserve judgement until he's placed a paw on the fabric and determined the quality of blanket you're offering, and consequently whether you are a saint or a total bastard.  

This is a highly ranked blanket. Via Shutterstock.

Here are blankets, ranked:

1. Cashmere 

2. Chenille

3. Fleece

4. Down

5. Electric (turned to four)

This is a good blanket. Via Shutterstock.

6. Silk

7. Picnic (with crumbs)

8. Microfiber

9. Fur

10. Snuggie

11. Cotton

12. Cotton-blend

13. Security

A nice, mid-range blanket. Via Shutterstock.

14. Slanket

15. Lambswool

16. Alpaca 

17. Quilted

18. Terrycloth

19. Knit

20. Leather

21. Rough-hewn

We give high marks for this blanket. Very high marks. Via Shutterstock.

22. Paper 

23. Steel 

24. Aluminum 

25. Dirt 

26. Copper 

27. Iron 

28. Wood 

This blanket falls short in key areas. Via Shutterstock.

29. Horse 

30. Saddle 

31. Mylar

32. Reflecting

33. Military 

34. Casualty

35. Fire-smothering 

This cat doesn't give a Via Shutterstock.

36. World's smallest

37. Spongy

38. Occupied

39. Rubber 

40. Wet

Agree with us? Disagree? Let us know in the comments! Note: This list is correct and cannot be altered. 

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