Bettering Our Forums Notification

 |  Apr 2nd 2007  |   0 Contributions


Many of you have contacted us to say that you weren’t all that keen on the way our forums post notification worked. And since when you talk, we listen, we are happy to announce a few major improvements to this very pawpular part of our site.

From now on, a post will have to be flagged for review 3 times by 3 different members before it is removed from the live forums. If it is flagged once or twice, the moderators will be notified but the post will remain live until it reaches 3 notifications.

Once a post is flagged 3 times, it will be pulled from the live forums for moderator review. But, you will now see a new placeholder message in the forum thread. Also, if one of your posts is flagged 3 times, you will receive an e-mail letting you know.

Our goal is to constantly make your experience on Catster as good as it can be. We hope these changes make you all purrrrrrr!

Head bonks to all!


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