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Meet Racy Mooner, an Elegant and Athletic Abyssinian Cat

Leash-walks, hoop-jumps, even swimming -- this beautiful kitty is unusual in lots of way.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 27th 2012

Racy Mooner is quite a pretty kitty. Her Facebook page describes her as “not very smart, but she tries to do the right thing.” We beg to differ. We know that by acting not very smart, Racy Mooner is employing one of the greatest mind games of all time: Play dumb and make everyone do the hard work for you. Well played, Racy Mooner, well played.

Racy’s mama is a famous Abyssinian athlete named Twyla Mooner, and while Racy herself may not be as famous, she is certainly an athlete in her own right. She is a performance kitty who does behaviors on command, like jumping through a hoop.

Racy is also pretty adept at walking on a leash, which is something we rarely see among our feline friends.

She also likes swimming! Another cat rarity.

And she also likes running in a giant hamster wheel? OK, Racy, that’s a little, well, racy. Or perhaps it’s just a clever way to earn the trust of rodents. Like, “See? I’m just a giant mouse, just like you! Nothing to be afraid of. Why don’t you come closer? Why don’t you — chomp.

Our conclusion? Racy is smarter than everybody.

Photos via Racy Mooner’s Facebook page