"A Bit of Bacon for Mac" Day

 |  Apr 22nd 2010  |   2 Contributions

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Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

A munth ago today, longtime Catster member Macaroni (bruther of Frankie Sinatracat) went to The Bridge. In his memery, his Catster frends have orgunized "A Bit of Bacon for Mac" Day today, in which kittehs all over the world get a bit of bacon for breakfast in Mac's memory.

Like a lot of us, Mac was a HUGE bacon fan. Yes, we all know that bacon is kind of a no-no*, but just a little taste now and then and reelly makes us kittehs purr with deelite.

So git yer peeple to pull sum bacon-y goodness out of the fridje, fry it up and give yoo a littul bit in Mac's memery. And then drop by Mac's Catster profile and thank him for bringin' a littul bacon into yer life.

*Akshully, it's a big no-no, but don't tell yer peepul that.


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