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Meowy Deals

Purrrs everypaw!

This is Ted from HQ. How ya'll napping? Kinda cloudy here. Can't really settle in as snoozy as we'd like

I'm popping in because we got a pawsome deal lined up from some folks we've nosed on the dogster side for a while, and have just launched Meowing Deals, a cats club just for felines and we got them to set up a 30% discount for the next 2 weeks. Just use 'Catster30' when you check out.

But really that's not the cr8zy good part. Everything offered is no less than 50% off. And everything is free shipping. So the 30% off means you will getting anything closer to 75% off, shipped to your door, gratis.

The deals are available from the Catster homepage everyday from now until the Internet is no more, but the extra 30% off (when you use coupon code 'Catster30' will be available through April 8th.

Tail waves,

Ted @ HQ


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