100,000 Zealies Earned by Local Listings Posters

 |  Nov 29th 2007  |   0 Contributions

Dogster and Catster Zealie
Wow! We’ve got to get a bigger mint. We are thrilled to report that since we started offering 5 Zealies to members each time they added a Local Listing. In that period over 19,670 listing were added which amounts to 98,350 Zealies earned by Dogster and Catster members. That’s a lot of kibble! Including Zealies earned for writing reviews that equals well over 100,000 Zealies earned just for getting involved in Local.

At this time we’ve concluded the 5 Zealie reward for adding new Local Listings, though everyone will still get 2 Zealies for each Local review you write (hint, hint ;) Review zealies expired in early December, 2007

Thanks to everyone that added listings. Think how helpful you’ll be for people searching for a place like them and finding the one you added!


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