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Dear John Vars, July 22, 2008
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We just doubled the photo storage limit for Plus members to 100 photos per pet! And, for a limited time we will donate $2 to charity for each new yearly Plus subscription. As always, Plus includes 30 Zealies per month, access to Plus-only forums, extra bio fields for customizing your pet page, and photo frames and captions. Try it out with a free 7-day trial.
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Litter Robot Litter-Robot keeps the litter box clean and your house smelling fresh. Your petsitter will thank you too!

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Revolutionary Color Changing Litter

Arm and HammerTry ARM & HAMMER® Clumping Cat Litter for a fresh litter box. Clumps turn blue when wet to help you find easily even the smallest odor causing pieces.
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Featured Group: Cafe Turkey

Cafe TurkeyDoes your cat have a food-related name? Then make sure they visit Cafe Turkey, check out the Blue Plate Special, and join the fun! Meet Coffee, Turkey, Miss Cherry, Mister Biscuit and many more.
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