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Dear John Vars, August 4, 2008
Summer Bummers: Fleas & Hairballs

Summer Bummers: Fleas & Hairballs

Warm summer weather and long days make for great tree climbing and sun-beamed naps but there is also a dark side: more fleas and hairballs. Make sure you've got all the know-how to keep your kitty comfortable and safe!

Fleas and Indoor Cats ››
Flea Prevention ››
How to Treat Hairballs ››
Q&A: Hairball ››
Q&A: Fleas ››

Discover the Ultimate Litter

EverClean Premium Clumping Cat LitterEverClean® Premium Clumping Cat Litter comes in an Extra Strength formula for maximum clumping power and unscented for cats (and people) sensitive to scent.
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Kitty Boot Camp

Kitty Boot CampDid you know that cats can be trained to do tricks just like their canine cousins? Teach your cat basic commands and show the dogs on the block a thing or two! Train your cat to sit, stay down, come when called and even play fetch.

The 5 Rarest Cat Breeds on Catster

  1. Minskin
  2. Khao Manee
  3. Sokoke
  4. Tiffanie
  5. Selkirk Rex

The Hunt For Mr. D Is Over

The Hunt for Mr. D is OverMr. D went missing for 6 months and his humom went to great lengths to find him, including standing in the street in a cat suit with a 'missing cat' poster. We're pawleased to announce that there's a happy ending to the story and Mr. D is home!
Watch the Video ››
See Mr D's Diary ››

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