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Dear Catster Member, June 24, 2008
Cat Chilling Out in a Birdbath

Cat Chilling Out in a Birdbath

A new season is officially upon us, so we've rounded up some cool summer specials.

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Love Your Pet, Hate the Shedding?™

FURminator deShedding ToolThe FURminator deShedding Tool reduces shedding up to 90% without damaging the topcoat and helps eliminate hairballs in long- and short-haired cats.
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Vote for America's Furriest Friend

Catster Shop has new giftsScotch™ Fur Fighter™ Hair Remover invites you to check out these photos and vote for America's Furriest Friend.
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Top 5: Adoption & Rescue Resources

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The Party’s Over for Fleas & Ticks

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