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Dear Catster Member, April 7, 2008
Happy spring! To celebrate the season, we've rounded up pawsome pet pages, stocked some fun new items in the Gift Shop and more. Enjoy...
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Get vet advice, browse top pet news headlines and see every Cat of the Day and Cat of the Week with our new Blogs page. You can even subscribe to those you like best. And don't forget to visit Diary Central for blogs written by kitties on Catster.

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Discover the Ultimate Litter

Discover the Ultimate Litter for Cats wirh EvercleanEverClean® Premium Clumping Cat Litter comes in an Extra Strength formula for maximum clumping power and unscented for cats (and people) sensitive to scent.
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New Rosettes & Gifts

Catster Shop has new giftsVisit the Gift Shop for seasonal pawresents you can send to any pet on Catster or Dogster. Choose from bluebird, bunny and kite Rosettes, plus a pinwheel Special Gift.
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This Week's Picks: Pet Pages

These cats have decked out their profiles for springtime!

  1. Humphrey Lee Haunted, American SH
  2. Princess Twixie, Turkish Van/DSH
  3. Mugsy, DSH/DLH
  4. Natalie, Russian Blue
  5. Bonita, Breed Unknown

Go Orange for the ASPCA!

Spay Day USAApril 10 is ASPCA day, and Catster cats are celebrating victories on behalf of animals by dressing in orange. People can do it, too, and show the world they support the ASPCA and the pets they protect.
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