September Meow: Top 10 Breeds, Napa Trip and More

September 20, 2007
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Dear Catster Member:

This week we invite you to meet the most popular breeds on Catster, win a kitty-lovers' trip and more. Big meows!

Breeds Catsters Love
According to our fun stats, these pawesome breeds have the most Catster Pet Pages. Find profiles and pictures for each breed here:

Domestic Shorthair -- 26,035
American Shorthair -- 23,587
Domestic Long Hair -- 7,441
Siamese -- 7,431
Domestic Medium Hair -- 6,725
Maine Coon -- 5,224
Persian -- 3,698
Russian Blue -- 1,949
Himalayan -- 1,943
Ragdoll -- 1,655

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Meow Mix® Think Like a Cat Sweepstakes
Win an all-inclusive culinary adventure in Napa Valley with celebrity chef Cat Cora, or one of 1,800 other great prizes.

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Share your Catster love with one of our stylin' new tees. We have women's and men's forest-green tees available now. Get yours today and show that Catster pride!

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May All Animals Be Happy and Safe,

Catster HQ
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