August Meow: Free Photo Book, New Games, Five Fun Groups

August 23, 2007
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Dear Catster Member:

Meow! Take a summer break and chill out with your favorite feline. Now is the perfect time to join Catster Groups, make a kitty photo book and more.

Five Fun Groups
Be the newest member of these popular clubs, or check out 4,450+ more.

All Fur Fun (over 7,100 members)
Enjoy contests, games, events and activities. Motto: "Every critter is a winner!"
Brilliant Orange Cats Unite (over 5,500 members)
Motto: "If it ain't orange, it just ain't happening."
10 Years or Over? (over 3,490 members)
Is your kitty a golden oldie? Meet other oldie-but-goodie pets.
4 the Love of Cats (over 1,510 members)
The founders call this "a place for all cat lovers to meet and have fun."
Cafe Turkey (over 1,080 members)
Meet cats with food-related names: Potato Chip, Tofu and more.

Second Chance! Get Your Free Photo Book
That's right: A free, 20-page, 8x8 photo book from online photo partner Shutterfly awaits you, so long as you joined Dogster prior to August 14. The personalized book takes under an hour to create, and the final product is shipped to you within a week. Take advantage of this $30 value by visiting the Picture Perfect Pets Zone for your unique promotion code.

Members who created their masterpieces earlier this summer raved about the results. The mom of seven Catster cats (Alolo, Amante', Caolila, Ishta, Jolson, Sam and Scaramouche) wrote us to say, "I had lost three of my babies in a very short period of time and one the year before that. I can't tell you what it meant to me to have this cherished keepsake in honor of their memory. As sad as I was, and still am, I had to laugh about all the crazy things that went on and the joy that they had brought me all those years. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for gifting me with such a wonderful item."

Community: You Meowed, We Heard
Last week, we told you about Brussel Ball, a new game invented by Catster fans. These members—who started the trend of using an uncooked Brussels sprout as a kitty sports ball—asked us to create special Brussel Ball rosettes. They're available now, for all CatsterPlus members! Join CatsterPlus today and get one week free.

Meet Some Team Members: Arnold P. | Chester | Chrissy | Merlin the Cat Wizard | Sawyer

Worry-Free Litter Box
Take a vacation from scooping litter with the Litter-Robot. The furr-turistic look and superior engineering will keep your litter box clean and your kitties safe and happy, with no rakes to clean and no special bags or receptacles.

With the Litter-Robot, cat owners can go on trips and not have to worry about litter management for up to a week. So put down that scoop and see how the Litter-Robot can help you care for your cats this Labor Day weekend and for years to come.

Get on the Catster Railroad
The Boston Globe and the Bangor Daily News wrote great articles about Operation Miracle Manx, in which Catster members spontaneously banded together to drive two cats 1,200 miles—saving them from a death sentence and bringing untold love to their new family. It's an amazing story. We're so happy and proud that our tireless members received this recognition.

Want to help? Visit the Catster Railroad forum, a special place for Catsters to help Catsters arrange for community transport of rescues or kitties being rehomed. You can also join the Operation Miracle Manx group on Catster.

May All Animals Be Happy and Safe,

Catster HQ
Catster: Here Kitty, Kitty

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