Catster's June Meow. Open for fur-ee Zealies, tips on cat behavior
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June 21, 2007
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Dear Catster Member,

What's purring?

Well, for starters, you just won 5 Zealies for opening this newsletter. Woo-Hoo!

As you can see, with longer days and warmer nights, summer love is definitely in the air. Share it with your kitty and your Catster friends. (Zealies, anyone?) We at Catster HQ are feeling groovy and have lots of kitty-chat to share.

Bad Behavior Or Is It Something Else?
Bad behavior might be your cat's way of saying something is wrong. That's where NEW Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare comes in. It contains safe salt levels, provides the daily nutrition your cat requires, and satisfies the most finicky eaters. Ask your veterinarian if Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare is right for your cat. And register to win a free Drinkwell® The Original Pet Fountain because a steady supply of water can also help. Go now!

Catster and 9Lives® Brand Launch Adoption Center
In an effort to raise interest and awareness about adoption, and inspire action, Catster has partnered with 9Lives® to bring together animal shelters and their homeless felines with potential adopters. Lots of apaworable photos and profiles of the kitties looking for loving homes are available in the Adoption Center, as well as a wealth of information and advice for new cat owners. Support from the cat-loving community is a key component of the center. If you know of a shelter that should be involved, PLEASE encourage them to sign up! Meow to a good cause.

Hero of the Year
Do you know an unsung hero who helps animals? Nominate someone you know for the Animal Planet 2007 Hero of the Year presented by the makers of Fresh Step® litter.

Buy Zealies: Make A Kitty's Day
One of the most furtastic things about Catster is sharing the love with your fellow felines. Zealies allow you to gift Rosettes and Stars to your favorite Catster pals, so buy some today. Remember, they're good on Dogster, too. There are lots of packages--from 40 Zealies for $10 to 100 Zealies for $25 (plus 20 bonus Zealies). Talk about a kittlylicious deal. Buy your Zealies now!

Join CatsterPlus For More Kitty Fun
CatsterPlus is brimming with countless catastic features. The upgraded service includes the ability to add photo captions, 25 Rosettes to give away per month, access to special forums just for Plus members, and an enhanced email "Sent" folder so you'll never forget who you p-mailed. And, your CatsterPlus subscription works on Dogster, too. For a limited time, CatsterPlus is available for just $19.95/year or $3.50/month. Sign up menow!

Curious Cat Tip #107
Q: 'Tis the season for shedding. Anything you can do to keep it under control?
A: Even though it can be a housekeeping nightmare, shedding usually means your cat is healthy, so that's a good thing. A thorough daily brushing--even twice a day for serious shedders--is definitely in order during warmer weather. This will also help to reduce those pesky hairballs. Other than that, always have your DustBuster ready to go; laying an old blanket or sheet over any furniture you want to keep hair-free is another good idea.

For more advice on a wide range of topics, head to the Catster Forums.

Catster Community: Prayers For A Long Lost Feline
We recently received this p-mail from Catster member Karin (mom of Charlie, Groucho, Chicklet and Butters). Please shoot us a note if you have any info on the missing Mugoddai.
Please post a link to this website: This poor person lost her beloved kitty three years ago and is still praying for his return. It's a very heartwarming website dedicated to the return of her kitty. Perhaps some Catster people in her area can help. Thanks for your attention.
We love to hear how Catster has changed/improved/bettered your life. Keep meowing those tales to If we use your note in an upcoming newsletter, we'll credit your account 10 Zealies!

Shout Out To Catster
Looking for some fun ways to show your crush on Catster? Stickers and badges do the trick. It's simple to make a badge for your cat and then put it on all your other web pages. (Learn how here: Also, send in a self-addressed stamped envelope and score some Catster stickers, perfect on car bumpers, notebooks and computers. Send to: Catster Stickers, 555 De Haro Street, Suite 350, San Francisco, CA 94107.

Scratch ya later!

May all animals be happy and safe,
Catster HQ
Catster, here kitty, kitty!

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