Catster Meow! Stopping furniture clawing, showing off on HGTV and much more inside

March 22, 2007
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Dear Catster Member,

March Meows from Catster!

Well, we're more than halfway through March, and you know what that means? Spring is here! No more salty paws or, for those of us living in non-snowy climates, no more cold wet paws. Anymeow, here at Catster HQ we have lots of fun stuff to share.

Cat Lost and Found Study
A recent study shows that a lost dog is more likely to be reunited with its owner than a lost cat. In one city in southwestern Ohio, for example, researchers found that 71 percent of lost dogs were found, compared to just 53 percent of lost cats.

The survey showed that an additional 1.7 days pass before a cat owner considers his indoor/outdoor cat missing. (Average time before a dog owner reports his pup missing: 1.2 days) The best course of action is to have a plan in place in case Fluffy ever goes missing, and talk to your vet about having your cat chipped. Cats can wander further than dogs and may end up at shelters/pounds not close to their home city.

Get Your Cat On TV
We at Catster know how much you love your cat! And if you're one of those folks that pampers their kitties with handmade collars, treats, clothing, bowls, beds or toys, HGTV wants to know about it. They're doing a segment all about something we at Catster know all too well: People that love their pets! Read more about the possibility of being showcased in an upcoming feature on

Curious Cat Tip #101
Q: Yikes! Kitty and his claws! How do I stop my cat from clawing at the carpet or the side of my couch?

A: There's no one way to stop your cat from exercising his claws on your belongings, but there are a few tips you can use to train him. For starters, get a scratching post. Make sure it's bigger than your cat so they can climb and pull on it without the post falling over. If your cat's already adopted a certain piece of furniture or patch of carpet for his clawing, put the scratching post close to that area. Putting double stick tape or tin foil on the off-limits areas will also show kitty that their post is much more fun to claw than, say, your favorite armchair.

Another hint would be to keep the little guy's claws trimmed. If you've never done this, ask your vet for direction. Some vets will even do this for you on a monthly basis free of charge.

For more information on this topic or any other feline quandary you may have, leap onto Catster Forums.

One For All And All For Cat!
We wanted to pass along this special note we received from fellow Catsters Jo, Smudge and Bob:

"Joining Catster has completely changed our lives. Would you believe a website could do that? We have made some priceless friendships and had the support of wonderful people through some awful times; it's the best therapy you could get!! We are on Catster for at least 6 hours every day, we love it that much and its all thanks to you guys at HQ!"

A big meow of welcome back to you! We're all so happy here at HQ to be doing what we're doing. And we're cat-nip happy that others are enjoying themselves! Got a story of your own to share? Let us know. Email us at and if we include your story in a future newsletter, we'll credit your account 20 Zealies!

Well, that's it for this edition of the Catster newsletter. Tune in next month for more tips, stories and general updates on what's new in the world of feline fabulousness.

May all animals be happy and safe,
Catster HQ
Catster, here kitty, kitty!

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