November Catster Meow

November 8, 2006
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Dear Catster Member,

Meow meow!

Meeeeeow! We really can't believe it's November already, can you? The days are getting shorter and the air is getting colder but thankfully we're all surrounded by lots of fur and warmth. Catster HQ would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Catsters in the US of A and around the world. We're real thankful to have such a great community and to have the opportunity to know so many super cats through this site. Now, let's get to it!

Enter Now!
World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show - Vote And Enter Now!
The World's Coolest is crazy fun. With over 23k entrants and a million votes cast, it's really the World's Coolest. If you haven't entered your furry family members, enter now. The prizes are pawtastic! And don't forget to come back every day until Nov. 16th to vote. On Nov. 17th, we will announce the finalists and Best In Show voting will begin. The photos are so amazing - it will really be a close one this year. Don't forget you can win great prizes just for voting!

VPI Pet Insurance Partners With Catster
Cats are our pride and joy. As America's #1 trusted choice for pet insurance, VPI Pet Insurance has been protecting our feline friends for 25 years. Founded by veterinarians to assist pet lovers in providing the best possible healthcare for their furry companions, VPI Pet Insurance helps pay for major surgeries, minor incidents and routine care such as vaccinations, annual physical exams, heartworm protection, a choice of spaying or neutering, prescription flea control and much more. Don't let your Kitty-Kat go out without being protected from the very best.

Fresh Step Paw Points
As if having a cat wasn't rewarding enough, now you can earn great rewards from our partner, Fresh Step . Simply buy specially-marked packages of Fresh Step litter, visit their website and enter the package code to add points and redeem for rewards for you and your cat. Or you can donate your points to help keep cats safe through Safe Steps Home - a program they created with the ASPCA .

Site Improvements For Adoptable Cats
We've been working our paws off here at Catster HQ to bring you some new, very important site improvements that specifically help our furry friends who need to be adopted. We hope these changes lead to lots of kitties finding their furrever homes! One of the pawsome new features that we've added is a way for logged in members to directly contact the guardian of a cat that's up for adoption via their pet page! We've also made some changes in the forums that we hope will foster lots of great information sharing, positivity and happy endings. Check out this recent site update for more details.

From The Catster Community!
We'd like to wish an extra special happy birthday to Catster's The Late Late Show. The show was started just over a year ago with this first post:
We are nocturnal. Right? Right! Anycat who does the midnight prowl and would like some company, this is the place to meet. Your humans won't even know you're out....
Since then, the show has spanned 3 acts over the last year comprised of over 75,000 posts! It's a good thing that cats like to keep strange hours. A special 4 paw salute goes out to the Fiends for starting the original Late Late Show and to the A-Team for keeping it going strong.

Catster has changed all of our lives, so we always want to hear how it has affected you and your fur babies! Keep on barking those stories to Randi at Dogster dot com!

Catster Represents!
Wouldn't it be cool to drive around and show your love of Catster with a sticker on your bumper? Or maybe you can put it on your notebook at school so everyone in your class can see it? If this sounds up your alley, send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to: Dogster HQ, Attn: Catster Stickers, 555 DeHaro Street #350, San Francisco, CA 94107 and we'll meow a Catster sticker right back to you!

May all animals be happy and safe,
Ted, John, Steven & Catster HQ
Catster, here kitty, kitty!

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