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Dear Catster Member, October 18, 2011
This Halloween, Let a Black Cat Cross Your Path
This Halloween, Let a Black Cat Cross Your Path

Black cats often get a bad rap, especially around Halloween, because of some silly superstitions about them bringing bad luck and being witches' sidekicks. Even worse, they are less likely to get adopted from shelters.

Here at Catster, we've decided it's time to give these dark, silky beauties the love and appreciation they deserve. In a special feature on black kitties, pet reporter Julia Szabo tells us why they make some of the most loving feline companions around.

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Kiss Your Kitty, Win a Flip CameraThis week, we're giving away an exclusive Flip video camera designed by Catster's Yuko Takahashi. To enter, all you have to do is "Like" us on Facebook, click the "Fall in Love" app on the left side of the page, and upload a photo of you smooching your cat.

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