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Dear Catster Member, October 10, 2011
Catsters Come Together to Save Lost Cat
Catsters Come Together to Save Lost Cat

Packing up and moving house is stressful enough -- but imagine the added horror of losing your cat. Halfway through a cross-country trip, Catster member Jen thought her tabby, Ingen, had slipped out the door of their motel in Madison, Wis. Heartbroken Jen had to press on to her new home in Washington state, but local Catsters sprang into action, alerting others and spreading the word about the missing kitty.

Fortunately, Ingen turned up safe and sound and was taken to the local Humane Society, but the big-hearted Catsters weren't done: They set up a fund to help the kitty get safely to her new home. Aren't you proud to be part of this amazing community?

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