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Dear Catster Member, Sept. 6, 2011
7 Reasons Older Cats are Awesome
7 Reasons Older Cats are Awesome

Kittens are often chosen over senior kitties at shelters, and while we're glad when any cat gets a forever home, we wonder if these folks realize they're picking a little tornado with claws and teeth over a feline with an aura of calm and already-established litter box habits. Older cats are simply fabulous in our book - here are seven reasons why.

Tell us why your older cat rules »

A Cat Owner's Nightmare

A Cat Owner's NightmareTraveling with pets can be stressful enough, but imagine getting a call from the airline minutes before takeoff telling you one of your kitties has escaped. Oh, heck no »

Ask Dr. Barchas

Ask Dr. BarchasShould you be in the room when the vet puts your beloved cat to sleep? Catster vet Dr. Eric Barchas weighs in on this tough subject »

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