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Dear Catster Member, August 23, 2011
Are You a Luna-tic? We Are!
Are You a Luna-tic? We Are!

We won't lie to you, all the girls here at Catster HQ are completely nuts about Luna the Fashion Kitty, an emerging Facebook cat-lebrity. We sneak onto Facebook several times a day to see Luna's amazing outfits and to give her virtual high-paws for her catwalk-worthy attitude. Last week, we had the opportunity to interview this fashion-savvy Himalayan and her stylist (a.k.a. her mom) and we're excited to share her answers to our tres tough questions.

Meet Luna, the cat with over 200 outfits in her closet »

Black is Beautiful

Black is BeautifulFor reasons beyond us, black cats have a particularly hard time getting adopted. Catster columnist JaneA Kelley tackles this issue and tells us about the wonderful black kitties that have shared her home »

On Cats and Emotion

On Cats and EmotionDid you know that your mood and energy level can have an effect on your cat? Cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett tells us how cats are emotional sponges and shares a tip on how to help them cope »

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